Tafa Viet – Vietnam’s leading egg producer

Tafa Viet farm covers over 100 ha

“Food safety and hygiene”, particularly of products of unclear origin, has become a top concern in modern society. Before this reality, Tafa Viet Co., Ltd has taken the lead in ensuring food safety and hygiene with an automated self-contained business model of the world class, which was licensed for investment in Binh Thuan by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in 2017.

Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh Tuan (left) – General Director of Tafa Viet Co., Ltd. and Mr. Her Tea Jong (right) – Mayor of Daejeont City at the signing ceremony of international cooperation support contracts between Vietnamese and South Korean businesses

With over 30 years of experience, Tafa Viet is committed to supplying the market with a well-reputed, quality-guaranteed fresh eggs everyday and keeping the environment green, clean and beautiful.

From a family business to a leading domestic producer of eggs in Vietnam

Walking along immense rubber forests in Duc Linh district, feeling the fresh air here, we arrive the farm of Tafa Viet Co., Ltd based in Duc Linh district, Binh Thuan province. What makes us quite surprised is the capacious and airy space of the 100-ha farm, divided into separate sections such as feed factory, young chicken section, automatic laying hen system, egg treatment and sorting plants, and microbiological fertilizer treatment plants that meet international farm standards.

Talking with General Director Nguyen Le Thanh Tuan, we understood that the today achievement is resulted from a long challenging and difficult journey. The company grew from a family business that started with some hundreds of chickens in Da Lat City in 1990 to a giant automated self-contained farm that makes Tafa-branded high-quality products for the market.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Tafa Viet Co., Ltd, is a talented and experienced agricultural engineer who used to travel to many progressive countries to acquire and cultivate knowledge. With a deep passion, love for her career and good expertise, she has become a key leader of Tafa Viet from its very first days.

Inheriting and promoting the family tradition, in 2017, Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh Tuan took on Tafa Viet and brought many new progressive steps. More than nine years studying abroad, with his knowledge of medicine, nutrition and modern technology combined with his progressive thought and practical perspective in addition to valuable advice from Vietnamese and international experts, he successfully built a fully self-contained and automated farm system of the world class that cost hundreds of billions of Vietnamese dong. The company has quickly become the most prominent supplier of eggs, young chickens and organic chicken in the market and always upheld its mission of supplying best-quality products good for human health and for the environment.

To date, the Tafa Viet farm system has raised millions of the world’s best chicken breeds and supplied millions of VietGap and ISO 22000-certified eggs. With the most modern automated self-contained farming system, Tafa Viet wants to be an important part of Vietnamese sustainable agricultural development.

Tafa Viet – Applying the world’s five best standards

General Director Nguyen Le Thanh Tuan said Tafa Viet is applying the world’s five best standards in animal husbandry.

  1. Best breed

Tafa chickens are specially cared, from selection of the world’s best stocks to careful and meticulous tending of chickens. So, eggs and meat products are always of the highest quality.

  1. Best nutrition

Feeds are imported directly from the United States, Brazil and other countries where strict standards are applied to ensure the best nutrition for chickens which lay premium eggs every day.

  1. Best environment

For the perfect growth of chickens, Tafa Viet chooses an ideal living environment with fresh air and capacious space for healthy, disease-free chickens – the precondition to create products safe for human health.

  1. Most modern technology

The automated self-contained farming system, with equipment imported from Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, controls light, water, feed and airflow; checks product quality; classifies products; and packages products according to international standards.

  1. Highest-quality products

Tafa Viet products meet highest-quality standards such as Vietgap, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000:2015 and Vietnam Best Food. Tafa Viet always ensures that its best-quality eggs meet superior hygiene and food safety standards and retain all nutrients and characteristic deliciousness.

The modern egg sorting and treating system of European standards

International quality management systems

Ms. Chu Thi Hong Thuy, Sales Manager, said, in addition to meeting all strict quality standards, Tafa Viet is proud to be a first producer and trader of fowl eggs to use all environment-friendly biodegradable materials to make paper packages and trays to store eggs.

Therefore, after over 30 years of operation, the company’s products have been distributed to many provinces and cities across the country such as Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Binh Thuan and Nha Trang. Favored by customers, in 2018, the company introduced the Tafa Organic Egg brand to major supermarkets all over the country, including Lotte Mart, Annam Gourmet, BigC and many other supermarkets. Tafa – Everyday Fresh Eggs, characterized by high quality, rich nutrient content and friendly package, attract many domestic and international customers. Hopefully, in the future, all supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores will sell Tafa – Everyday Fresh Eggs.

TAFA – Everyday Fresh Eggs

Organic eggs are available in major supermarkets

Tafa Viet – Pride of a Vietnamese brand

Currently, many foreign companies are investing in the domestic market and competing strongly with Vietnamese rivals. Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh Tuan, General Director of Tafa Viet, wants to make Tafa Viet brand a world-leading livestock company to back up the Vietnamese agriculture. Tafa Viet has been creating values, winning the trust of the community, uplifting the position and prestige of the company, and confidently competing with international businesses.


  • Address : Village 1, Tra Tan Commune, Duc Linh District, Binh Thuan Province
  • HCM City Office  : 100M Hoang Quoc Viet, Phu My Ward, District 7, HCM City
  • Da Lat Office : 12 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 1, Da Lat City
  • Website  : https://tafaviet.com.vn
  • Hotline  : 0838 103 222
  • Email : hello@tafaviet.com.vn